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Attend our Advisors Only dinner event to discover the advisor tested and trusted marketing system that is helping financial advisors like you continually get in front of Middle America prospects with an audience size of 30 to 40 at a time that have $14MM to $40MM in Assets.

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Thursday, June 29th @ 7:00 pm

Connor's Steak & Seafood

Franklin, TN

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Jorge Villar

Direct Marketing Expert & Program Creator

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Jorge Villar, Financial Advisor Marketing Expert
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program coaches

Jorge Villar


Specializes In: Advanced Direct Marketing

Helps Advisors By: Getting the most out of their local market through specific messaging and targeting techniques for packed rooms and maximum appointment rates.

Vincent Munno


Specializes In: Advanced Estate, Trust, & Legacy Planning

Helps Advisors By: Elevating their credibility by providing solutions that will solve the biggest problems for their biggest clients.

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Specializes In: Building Irresistible Rapport with New Clients & Providing Innovative Asset Protection & Retirement Income Strategies

Helps Advisors By: Coaching them on how to build relationships and uncover gaps in planning and repositioning opportunities to save your clients thousands of dollars every year.

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Specializes In: Facilitating Effective ​Client Experiences

Helps Advisors By: Training their staff on the most efficient ways to create and organize their client events and follow up process that will result in optimized ROI's and referral opportunities.

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Proven Marketing for Financial Advisors
Financial Advisor Marketing
  • Presentation with Script

  • Banner Designs

  • Professional Bio Video Production

  • Client Interest Sheet

  • "Notes to Take With You" Sheet

  • Appointment Reminder Card

  • Client Fact Finder

  • Digital Sales Presentation Website

Financial Advisor Marketing Banners

Marketing Advisors Into Millions is a Full-Service Event Management System with...

  • Registration collection and online portal access with attendee asset and contact information

  • Monthly Masterclasses with program creators and proven producers with real case studies and tips on how the system increased their revenue by 5X-10X through more life insurance, annuity, and premium finance business

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Training Sessions for you and your support staff that will optimize your results

  • Branding and Design Support for your Website, Banners, Print Material, and  MORE!

  • Complete Online Resource Center with your whitelabeled presentation, phone scripts, training videos, client fact finders, sample reports, and MORE!

  • Subscription to Retirement Analyzer so you can show you clients their current "at risk" and the improvement your suggestions will provide

  • Subscription to Award-Winning Automated Social and Email Marketing System with pre-written emails and pre-designed graphics that will increase client engagement and drive appointments

  • Locked-In Territory Rights for your local market

Full Service New Client Acquisition Marketing
Proven Marketing for Financial Advisors
Increase Your Life Insurance, Annuity, and Premium Finance Sales


• Proven Marketing Results and Concepts that have been generating a 300% to 500% ROI

• How to fill your Appointment Book with leads using targeted direct mail, social media, and webinars

• Creating The annual Annuity marketing plan GUARANTEED to generate a minimum of a 50% return and produce an additional $3MM, $5MM or $10MM (your choice)

• One of Our Concepts alone took an advisor from $5MM to $21MM in Production. Get Access to a tested and proven Event Marketing system that has generated Thousands of Prospects and Appointments.

• How to grow your practice by mentoring side-by-side with expert continuous training and guidance from Top Producers in 4 areas that create Million Dollar incomes.

Premium Financing, Premium Finance

A process that helps you attract, present and convert high net-worth Individuals in your market and make $100,000 to $400,000 in Commissions PER CASE by helping them reduce taxes and increase their legacy!!

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Vincent Munno, CFP®, CLU

Wealth Strategy Expert

Marketing Advisors Into Millions

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